Light Painting Books

Welcome to my books page.

The images you see above are two books called Painting the Town – Chicago, Illinois and Painting the Town – Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I released them for sale to the public a few years ago. They are 11″ X 9″ coffee table books and are hopefully the beginning of a line of “Painting the Town” books that I plan to release in the future. There are approximately 30 images inside each book with each image capturing a unique landmark associated with its city. The books retail for $60.00 and you can purchase them either on line at or you can purchase them from me directly. Just go to the Contact Us page, get my phone number and give me a call. It’s just that simple.

To see an animated 15 minute video of my Painting the Town – Chicago book, Click this Theater link and it will take you there to see it.

My Imagination

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